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“Highlighted” Vintner Member Wines

“We are proud to highlight wines from the region of Calaveras County.

These wineries have found their home, nestled in the mountains where the

Goldrush began. Like Wine, this region has become better with age. Starting with

just one Winery and growing into what will soon be known as the “Napa Valley”

of this majestic and magical place we call the Sierra Foothills”.

 Intriguing “Local” Whites

Ironstone Symphony “Obsession”       Glass $6 / Bottle $ 22

Lavender Ridge “Cotes Du Blanc”     Glass $8 / Bottle $32

Renner Sauvignon Blanc                    Glass $ 7 / Bottle $28

Ironstone “Reserve” Chardonnay       Glass $ 8 / Bottle $30

Prospect 772 “Stepping Stones”          Glass $10 / Bottle $38

         Intriguing “Local” Reds

Renner “Trilogy”                                   Glass $9 / Bottle $32

Lavender Ridge Petite Syrah              Glass $10 /Bottle $38

Zucca Mountain Zinfandel                Glass $ 10 / Bottle $38

Prospect 772 “The Brat”                     Glass$ 15 / Bottle $58

Bubbles in a Bottle

  Mumm Cuvee Champagne Split (Napa) Glass $9

  Lafayette Brut (California) Glass $ 6 / Bottle $20

 Domaine St. Michelle (Washington) Bottle $ 30

   Frogs Tooth “Sparkling Rose” (Local) Bottle $ 34

      Irish Vineyard Grand Cuvee (Local)   Bottle $ 36

     Gloria Ferrer Blanc De Noir (Sonoma) Bottle $38


               Intriguing “Local” White Wine

           Frog’s Tooth Fume Blanc (Local)                32

           Coppermine Sauvignon Blanc (Local)        30

           La Folia Pinot Grigio (Local)                        28

           Val Du Vino Viognier (Local)                       30

           Four Winds Chardonnay (Local)                 30

           Chatom Chardonnay (Local)                        32

           Domaine Becquet Chardonnay (Local)      32

           Laraine Gerber Chardonnay (Local)           38

                      Intriguing “Local” Red Wine

           Irish Vineyards “Duck Tape” (Local)   9  /  32

           Four Winds “Tempest” (Local) 36

           La Folia Sangiovese (Local)  36

           Mineral Meritage (Local) 40

           Frog Tooth Meritage (Local) 42

           La Folia Barbera (Local) 38

           Chiarella Barbera (Local) 40

           Chiarella Petite Syrah (Local) 38

           Chatom Syrah (Local)  34

           Zucca Mountain Syrah (Local) 42

           Villa Vallecito Syrah (Local) 47

           Val Du Vino “Spanish Dragon” (Local) 40

         Domaine Becquet Cabernet Sauvignon (Local) 54

           Villa Vallecito Zinfandel (Local) 42

                  White Wine from other Regions

        Beringer White Zinfandel (Sonoma)  5 / 20

       Concannon Pinot Grigio (Livermore)  7 /26

       Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc (Sonoma) 28

       Sterling Sauvignon Blanc (Napa)  7/28

       House Chardonnay (Sonoma) 5 /20

       Cupcake Chardonnay (Livermore)  7/ 28

       Kendall Jackson Chardonnay (Sonoma) 30

       Chateau Souverain Chardonnay (Sonoma) 38

       La Crema Chardonnay (Sonoma)   38

       Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay (Livermore) 40

       Rombauer Chardonnay (Napa)  15/ 58

             Red Wines from other Regions

    Sterling Pinot Noir (Sonoma)   7/28

    Bernardus Pinot Noir (Monterey) 38

     Joseph Phelps Pinot Noir (Napa) 62

    Old Vine Zinfandel (Lodi) 8/  34

    Rombauer Zinfandel (Napa) 54

    Ca Momi Merlot (Napa) 7/ 28

    BV Merlot (Napa) 36

    Duckhorn Merlot (Napa)  95

    House Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma) 5/ 20

     J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa) 8/ 30

   Bv Georges De LaTour Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa) 90

   BV Tapestry (Napa) 60

                                            Beer on Tap

Coors Light                                     Rubicon  “German Bock”

Kona Longboard Lager                            Blue Moon

Thompson Pale Ale (Local)                 Downtown Brown

Hops of Wrath IPA                                 Alley Cat Amber

Black Diamond Blonde Lager        Anchor Steam Christmas Ale

Bottled Beer

Bud, Bud Lite, Coors Light                 N/A Odouls

Heineken, Sierra Nevada                          Corona

Negro Modela                                          Guinness


Vodkas                                                     Tequila

Absolut, Ketel One,                         Jose Cuervo, Don Julio,

Stoli, Grey Goose, Skyy,                     Patron Silver & Gold,

Belvedere, Hangar One               Cazadores Anejo & Reposado

  Gin                                                      Bourbon

Beefeater, Tanqueray                     Jim Beam, Jim Beam Honey,

Bombay, Bombay Saphire                      Jameson, Jack Daniels,

Hendrix, Boodles                          Kessler, Bushmills, Bookers,

Rum                                    Crown Royal, Crown Royal Maple,

Bacardi, Bacardi Dark,                       Makers Mark, Seagrams 7,

Myers, Malibu, Captain Morgan                    Bullet, Bullet Rye,


Johnny Walker Red & Black , Cutty, Chivas, Dewars, McCallan 12

Glenlivet, Dalwhinnie 12, Cragganmore 15, J&B