The CAMPS Restaurant Local Beef Program “From Ranch to Restaurant”

The menu at CAMPS Rdarlingphotos_0478 copyestaurant showcases the versatility of beef celebrating California and the American West with our brand of cooking:  familiar staples with a flare.  CAMPS is a regional destination restaurant with a Western ambiance.  The extraordinary view overlooks the undulating hillside of the Sierra Nevadas and Greenhorn Creek Golf Course.  The menu highlights local, ranch-raised USDA beef used for burgers.  When available, the restaurant features local Porterhouse and T-bone steak specials.

CAMPS works directly with a variety of local ranchers and participates in different aspects of local beef production including breeding, branding, gathering, feeding, processing; and, finally, delivering a finished product…serving the public a juicy burger or tender steak.  Quality assurance comes from knowing where the products come from and the powerful connection that results from producers and guests colliding while serving delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals!

Grass-fed and grain-finished, local beef is transported to a USDA butcher.  For the CAMPS Beef Program we aim for finished steers with good fat concentration for well-marbled flavor.  The beef dry-ages for 15 to 21 days until it develops full flavor and texture.  Prime steaks are cut from the best portions and the rest of the cuts are ground into hamburger meat with great taste.

With a combination of local beef, regional wines and produce, CAMPS menu is a tribute to our area.  Calaveras County is home to cattle bred, born, raised and served here.  Cattle production remains our county’s number one agricultural revenue producer. And, since the mid-1800’s ranching and cattle production continue to establish our region’s identity where grazing cattle dot the landscape everywhere.  Here, the tradition of ranching continues to feed families.  This is vintage cattle country!  Our region is home to both fourth and 5th generation pioneering cattle ranchers and budding first generation agricultural entrepreneurs.

Local, ranch-raised USDA-inspected beef is a luxury.  It can’t be compared to industrial production.  It’s beef that is bred in the region, and raised with a combination of genetic insight, traditional practices and values, grazed on rugged mountain terrain and lush pastoral grasslands.

The driving spirit behind the quest for getting beef to the table at CAMPS is a lifetime passion for wide-open spaces, magnificent horses, longevity of cattle, cooking great meals and embracing an important lifestyle.  At CAMPS, we ride and cook for the brand!  We recognize the correlation of raising beef for America and serving meat to our neighbors!

The CAMPS Burger

The legendary burger served at CAMPS is the ultimate product of our area’s cattle ranching.  The burger is an American icon.  You are satisfied when you bite into the perfect, dense and juicy burger.  Beef, and the infamous Burger, are an American symbol of abundance.  Burgers have incredible value.  They are inexpensive, everyone can enjoy them.

The CAMPS burger is a half pound beef patty perched on a puffy toasted bun with all the fixings.  The “Works Burger” is the ultimate meal served with cheddar, bacon, sautéed mushrooms and onions!  CAMPS burgers are tasty, juicy, toothsome, and full of flavor.  They are delicious, filling, and provide a full spectrum of nutrition!